Alright that’s it, I’m done with it all. These past two weeks have been a living hell and now… Now I’m finally giving up. I realized that you shouldn’t try to make everyone happy, that you need to be cold and shut out everyone, that I was living my life the right way by being closed off and quite. Fuck this, trying to be there for anyone is the absolute worst thing to do. Reason being they always turn against you and put you down. From doing something nice and being told for being an idiot about it to taking the time away from work and school to help those in need, only to be told that you should never help really digs into you after a bit. So thanks to everyone who has now literally pushed me beyond, for now fuck school, fuck work, family is dead to me, and I have no reason to live. Great, just great.

When you left
You took more then what you left behind

Colors faded
Sounds muffled
It’s as if all the happiness I had, manifested with you, and now it’s gone
This place is empty
It’s all gone


The one thing you left behind