You would never know true humanity until everything has been taken from you and all you have left is your own thoughts. Nothing else is around to drown out your own voice, music, friends, family, just people are gone. The noise finally disappears and you realize what you have done. When your in this, you really forget who you were. Now you awake to a new day of challenges and happiness that was never there before.

After everything, from what people say you say to the little hints I get from others. I figure I would just let it all go, but I find it really hard to. I can never spite your name, usually I defend it. With what has happened there has been one thing that I kept on happening. I still want to know if you ok, how your sister is doing, how your family is doing, etc. for everything that you said to me, which many have pointed out were lies and attempts to use me for some greater goal, there is one phrase that still sticks with me. “I never stopped being your friend”. When you said that I just wanted to say so much but I could not bring myself to do it. But you did stop, to be honest I really do not think you know who I am at all. You may have known bits about me, but never the full story. When I was around you I could never be myself, I believed that I had to fit this certain image to even talk to you. The real me.. Does not exist. It’s been lost after you left, for I really do not know who I am. So when you left I made drastic changes, I took your advice and actually grew a backbone. I’m not afraid to stand up for myself anymore, so even though your gone I still take a lot of what you said to heart.

Got to love it when you become really close with someone, trust them enough to tell them who you really are, be there when they need it regardless of what your doing, and care about them. But then they finally get what they want and that’s it. No more talking, just sitting here realizing that yet again I was used and just had everything taken away. To think I gave you a second chance. Instead you lied to me, went behind my back and mocked me, and truly did not care about anything related to me.

Thank you for everything
For me losing sleep, money, and sanity. It was still worth it